Gung hay fat choy!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Today, my goals included: running, eating Chinese food, and watching Her. After writing this, I will watch Her and complete my to-do list, woot! So, after my run and a shower, I was starving and practically salivating thinking about the Chinese food that I was about to devour. My coworker had recommended a vegetarian Chinese restaurant near our work, so I headed in that direction. She taught English in China for several years so I definitely trusted her on this matter. Sadly, when I arrived, all of the windows and doors were locked up – apparently not open on the weekends. Well, I was only a little devastated because I was starving and had my mind set on that place, but Quito for some reason is overflowing with chifa restaurants. I ended up at one down the road that was full of people, definitely a good sign. I said “gung hay fat choy” to the waiter who clearly looked Ecuadorian, and he responded with a blank stare – who is this woman? I couldn’t decide between rice or noodles but he suggested the noodles for me, bad choice!! They somehow arrived no more than 4 minutes after I ordered and were doused in sauce to extreme proportions. The initial taste reminded me of something worse than Panda Express, and the final taste was similar to that MSG-filled strange linger in your mouth after eating Top Ramen. Buen provecho! I was also quite alarmed by the quantity of paper napkins that I used to wipe away all of the sauce from my mouth. I’m still not sure how I managed to eat that, but I think it must have been because I was so hungry after running. The homey Chinese restaurant ambiance complete with Lazy Susans was so deceiving. I’m hoping to redeem this experience with a superior one at the vegetarian place soon.

Happy year of the horse!


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