6 hours in Colombia

Currently, I am writing from the airport in Medellin, Colombia. I have a six hour layover here before arriving in my new home in Quito. While that idle time is not ideal, it’s nice to be able to catch up on my blog.

Leaving Curacao this morning, I shared a taxi with a man by the name of “Mr. Dahl,” from Norway. I had an excellent time with him (although he referred to himself rather formally) and learned that he is dating a Venezuelan girl and speaks about seven languages, wow! He is a chef on a fishing vessel and they spend one month at sea and one month not working, so each month he isn’t working, he goes on vacation. How do I get this job?? When we arrived at the airport, he carried my bags and bought me breakfast (Men here are so nice! Better yet, this one wasn’t trying to seduce me.) and I learned about the awesomeness that is Norway. Norway, as with many of its neighbors, is continually voted one of the best places to live and ranks very high on the happiness index. It is also at the top of The Economist’s Big Mac Index (Venezuela is right behind it), which means that things are very expensive. But, salaries are also quite high, benefits are abundant, universities are free, and it keeps going. Because things are so expensive within the country, traveling abroad is quite cheap! Mr. Dahl regularly travels at a fraction of the cost (comparatively) that I do. 



We parted ways after breakfast to board our respective flights, and after an hour an a half of empty-plane bliss, I am here in Medellin, plastic surgery capital of the world. We’re in the countryside and it is lush and gorgeous. When Pablo Escobar ruled from this region, it wasn’t safe for anyone to travel in the streets; but twenty years later, I hear that the people are some of the nicest in South America and the country is a must-see. I hope to be able to visit from Quito sometime next year. Well, in one hour and twenty minutes (not that I’m counting), I can ditch my cart full of bags at check-in at the LAN counter, woot! Life as a single traveler is by far the worst on transit days because if you have to go to the bathroom, all of your bags come with you. I will spend the next hour finishing my eBook, The Picture of Dorian Grey, and maybe starting my next one, The Age of Innocence. Classics are free on Good Reads so I’ve decided to seize that opportunity. ¡Hasta Quito!



(Medellin surprised me with how environmentally conscious they are)



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