At long last… AREPAS




Ask any venezolano about their favorite arepa and they will begin to tell you an extremely long and windy story about how much they love this national food. The corn pancake stuffed with a variety of toppings is consumed primarily for breakfast, but that doesn’t stop anyone from eating them for lunch and/ or dinner as well. Harina Pan, the corn flour that is used to make the pancake, is at the center of the national supply shortage at the moment. When it is in stock at the grocery stores, there is usually a line of people out the door and around the block who are waiting for their cupo, their allowed number of Harina Pan packages.


The other day, when I told two of my students (self-proclaimed food lovers) that I still hadn’t tried arepas, they demanded that we make them after class on Friday. How could I say no? I will show you the steps to make the most delicious reina pepiada (arguably the best arepa variety).


First, we poured the harina pan into a bowl of water and mixed (with hands, not utensils – very key)


Marcos, giving the arepa mixture a little extra love.









Trying not to get burned.



 Veronica, our fearless leader and expert reina-pepiada maker.Image




Marcos, preparing the onions and pretending to cry:




Marcos showing his true love for Veronica with a heart-shaped arepa: Image


The final product:



While not the healthiest, it is filled with chicken, lettuce, cream cheese and a dollop of mayonnaise (I pretended to ignore that last ingredient). Not for the dieter, but delicious! Arepa success. Also, Veronica studied abroad in the United States (Chicago) and said that you can find the highly sought after Harina Pan, so now you know what to do with it when you see it in the grocery store! Chevere.



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