¡a la playa!

This past week I was a little disturbed by how many of my students told me that in absolutely no circumstance should I take the public bus anywhere, especially after dark. My plan was to take the bus to Choroní for the weekend, but I thought maybe I should at least wait a little longer to adjust to Venezuela before I decide to go down that road (speaking of roads, apparently the road to Choroní is quite dangerous and windy as well). So, to my delight, my boss called me on Friday night and invited me to the beach with him and his wife the next day! Although we didn’t go to Choroní, we made it to another (closer) beach on the ocean and that’s all that really mattered to me. After about a 45 minute drive from Valencia we arrived at Bahía de Patanemo to enjoy a day of sand castles, refreshing, clear blue water and sunshine. Here are some pictures to set the scene:

A hill overlooking a nearby beach town:



Yulmi, the gracious wife of my boss:


Me, in the ocean for the first time in ages !


More ocean:


More beach!


The result of all of this? A really awful sunburn! Ouch. I should have reapplied suncreen more often. I guess that’s what I get for laying out on the beach for the first time in long while. I did, however, almost finish my book. I’m reading The Women by TC Boyle, depicting the life of Frank Lloyd Wright through the eyes of his wives and mistresses, good read!

Anyways, on this lovely Sunday I am relaxing and preparing for the week. I haven’t been outside much today because I’m avoiding the sun (don’t want to add to the burn). I did, however, discover a yoga studio in the centrol comerical (shopping mall) right next to my house and plan on checking that out in the next few days (closed on Sundays). Very exciting. Two ideas for people in the US to do today: go see Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Then figure out how to download and send me a copy because I want to see it so bad! Next, watch Homeland (Season 3 premiered last Sunday), because even if I had a Showtime subscription, the streaming here is horrible. Thanks, chau!


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